Where to buy the best hang drums

When you decide to buy the hang drums then you have to discover the explore trusted makers, typical price range and also should learn a bit about the compatibility of the sale and must have the accessories of the hang drum. The hang drum is always referred as the separate entity which divided the generic term like pantam and the handpan where the hang is not a generic term like the handpan. It is very difficult to buy a handpan or the hang drum because they are handmade instrument and cannot be massed produced and to that only very few people have mastered the necessary skills in making the quality or the top shelf hang drum instruments. The cost of the quality hang drum and handpan between $2000 to $10,000 and when you buy or make the hang drum for sale directly to a maker then it will cost $2,000 to $3,500 although the top shelf hang drums are sold rarely for the cost of $10,000. If you like to buy the best quality hang drum then you should have some determination and the patients where each brand of hang drums are different in terms of materials, method of distribution, attitude and the tuning techniques and also each has the something unique to offer. The following are the developers of the hang drum they are.

  • Bellart bells
  • TerraPan
  • PANArt hang
  • Aicel
  • CFoulke
  • Pantheon steel halo

Hang drum is not exactly the instrument that you can buy in every local music shop. The hang drum can produce the good sound quality and the instrument is now more popular. It is a small instrument which you play it by using your hand or with the stickers.